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Take the Pledge

or Share!

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PLEDGE: From now on, I will program more music that is...

*FULL of global colours

*FULL of gender diversity

*FULL of different generations

*FULL of respect for all nationalities

Count me in!

I pledge to program more colourFULL music THIS year!

Be sure to share your ColourFULL concerts with us on Facebook & Instagram!
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We will only email you when we have colourFULL news to share - including our quarterly newsletter and updates on new repertoire and concert programs. Promise.


Share your ColourFULL act!

Some people don't need to take the pledge, because they have been programming and teaching with equality in mind for a while now. 

So! To inspire others, I invite you to share something you have done, either recently or not so recently, that through music, encourages a world FULL of tolerance, equality, love and respect for all. 

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