In September 2021 ColourFULL Music started publishing a feel-good and informative quarterly 'Good News' Guide for all of their pledge-makers. We wanted to share the many wonderful DEI-inspired projects happening around the world to celebrate the good work being done by so many. To read the latest news, please consider taking the ColourFULL pledge!

Good Vibes
Sunrise on Nature



  • GOOD READ: Nicholas Williams (Univ of Melbourne, AUS)

  • POSTCARD: Miguel Etchegoncelay (Conservatoire de Musique de Strasbourg, France)

  • RESEARCH CORNER: Rachel Howley (Australia)

  • NEXT GEN: Imran Amarshi (Canada)



  • ColourFULL Midwest Map '21

  • GOOD READ: Ingrid Larragoity-Martin (Skyline High School, CO, USA)

  • POSTCARD: Hubert Hoche (Composer, GERMANY)

  • RESEARCH CORNER: Jenna Klein and Steven Collins (Univ. of Oklahoma, USA)

  • NEXT GEN: Viet Cuong (USA)

White Flowers
Lotus Flower


March '22 Good News

Published here June 2022.

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Scheduled for publication March 8, 2022


June '22 Good News

Published here September 2022.

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Scheduled for publication June 10, 2022

Wild Flowers